Welcome to Greenlight

The ESG & Sustainable Fund Accreditation Service

Welcome to Greenlight

Greenlight is a service for investment fund providers to gain accreditation for their ESG funds and products. Our panel of experts will analyse your fund for its ESG credentials and award it one of two accreditations: Greenlight and Greenlight Leader.

The service is open to all equity and fixed income funds globally. These can be from an investment manager, wealth manager, hedge fund, private equity firm or ETF provider.

The Benefits of Greenlight Accreditation 

  • Your fund will gain endorsement from our panel of experts
  • Your fund will receive use of the Greenlight logo
  • Your fund will be listed in our Greenlight directory, together with a summary report, which will be sent regularly to institutional investors, pension funds, family offices and asset owners

Why Greenlight is Different

As the popularity of ESG Investing increases, it is more important than ever that investors can differentiate between investment funds that make a genuine and material difference to ESG-related issues from those that do the bare minimum in order to label their fund ESG or, at worst, engage in “Greenwashing” or “impact washing”, when funds (and the companies they invest in) disclose large quantities of ESG data but have poor ESG performance or selectively report only favourable ESG information (Yu et al., 2020; Lashitew, 2021).

While there are many initiatives and frameworks that aim to increase reporting transparency, there are no initiatives that involve outside independent experts inspecting a fund to confirm if the fund is i) material in its impact and ii) doing everything ESG-related that it says it is and with minimal risk of unreported negative ESG-related impact.

The Greenlight Accreditation Panel

Greenlight has a panel of leading experts from academia <and NGOs> who care passionately about the issues that ESG funds relate to, covering subjects as diverse as food sustainability, climate change, equality, development and corporate governance. Accreditation from Greenlight means that your fund has convinced our experts that the fund is not involved in Greenwashing or Impact Washing, and that its impact is genuine and significant, standing out from the crowd of ESG funds.

Further Information

To find out more about Greenlight accreditation for your fund, please see How it Works or email us at greenlight@esginvesting.co.uk for further information.