How Greenlight Works


The Process

  • Investment companies are required to send details of the fund(s) they would like to have considered for accreditation
  • This involves a 500 word (max) document per fund stating your case for accreditation together with the documents listed below
  • We will take up to two months to assess your fund, though please note we may require further information during this time
  • Accreditation is valid for one year
  • If unsuccessful, the application will remain private and feedback will be provided

Required Fund Information 

Please provide a 500 word document summarising why you think your fund deserves accreditation (in Word or PDF format) together with the latest version of the following documents:

  • Key Investor Information Document (KIID)
  • Fact Sheet
  • Prospectus
  • Annual Report
  • Interim Report (Semi-Annual, Quarterly or Other)
  • ESG Policy
  • Impact Report / Sustainability Report / Social Audit Report (or equivalent, e.g. Due Diligence)

Please note:

  • We recognise that some of the documents requested may not be relevant for certain funds (e.g. institutional, closed-end). If this is the case, please provide as many of the documents as possible or their nearest equivalent. This may involve provision of Impact Reports at the asset level.
  • If there have been any material changes to the fund since publication of the documents (that are not covered in the latest interim report) please state these in the 500 word document. This can be bullet-pointed and will not count towards the 500 word limit.
  • If you have any supplementary Information (e.g. presentations, information memorandum, marketing material, press articles, etc.) that you would like to include in your submission, please email them to stating your company and the fund name in the subject field.

Are There Different Types of Accreditation?

In a few cases the panel may decide to award a “Greenlight Leader” accreditation for funds that are at the forefront of ESG investing.

What Does Accreditation Exclude?

Greenlight accreditation is based purely on considerations of the fund’s ESG policy and the ESG-related merit of its investments. It does not investigate the financial performance, risk management and/or other financial or governance issues of the fund.

Accreditation Fee

  • £10,000 + VAT per fund. The fee will be invoiced once we have received your submission and all relevant documents
  • Annual renewal fee: £2,500 + VAT per fund (provided there has been no material change to fund policy and/or strategy)