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September 2020

The Future of Disclosure: ESG, Common Ownership, and Systematic Risk
The high common ownership held by major U.S. institutional investors has produced a new pattern: collective action by institutions to reduce externalities caused by portfolio companies. At the same time, these investors are pressing for more ESG disclosures, while U.S. regulators remain skeptical to hostile. This paper’s assertion is that these two developments are linked by the concern of institutional investors over systematic risk.
John C. Coffee, Columbia University and European Corporate Governance Institute

August 2020

Rathbones Launches New Report:
The Value of ESG: how mainstream is ESG investing within today’s adviser world?

ESG at BlueBay Asset Management
As part of of our Hedge Funds and Asset Managers series of interviews, we speak with My-Linh Ngo, Head of ESG Investment at BlueBay Asset Management, about the firm’s approach to ESG investing.

July 2020

Backtesting ESG Factor Investing Strategies
Using ESG data with an ESG factor momentum and an ESG level factor strategy.
Daniela Hanicova & Radovan Vojtko, Quantpedia

Social at the Center of ESG
The outbreak of COVID-19, followed by global demonstrations calling for action on racial injustice and social inequality, has propelled the S of ESG to the top of corporate and investor agendas.
Del Anderson & Olivia Albrecht, Pimco

Climate Transition in a Portfolio Context: What Matters and What to Measure
Morgan Stanley Institute for Sustainable Investing & Morgan Stanley Investment Management

ESG in Emerging Markets Debt
As ESG factors come to the forefront of investing, more and more issuers are taking heed, including those in emerging markets. The William Blair emerging markets debt team discuss how they view and integrate ESG factors in a highly analyst-driven approach.
Emerging Markets Debt Team, William Blair >>

Gender Equality: A Global Perspective
In this map ESG Investing presents three metrics that provide a first glance indication of the roles of women at the national level, perhaps throwing some light on issues of gender equality (UN Sustainable Development Goal 5).
ESG Investing

ESG2Risk: A Deep Learning Framework from ESG News to Stock Volatility Prediction
Exploring the predictive power of ESG related financial news on stock volatility.
Systematic Equity Research, RAM Active Investments

Socially Responsible Hedge Funds
Hedge funds whose management companies endorse the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) underperform other hedge funds after adjusting for risk but attract larger flows, harvest greater fee revenues, and accumulate more capital.
Singapore Management University

June 2020

ESG, Alpha and the SDG Footprint
New research shows that an ESG momentum portfolio can generate alpha and have a better SDG footprint than that of the index.
Global AI Corp. and Columbia Business School