Carbon Awards 2024
How to Enter

To submit a nomination:

1. Please describe in not more than 300 words (in a Word or PDF document) why your company is deserving of your chosen award category.

2. Go to the online nomination page, complete the form and upload your document.
Please complete a separate nomination form for each award category you enter.

Please note: the term ‘carbon credit’ is used to mean what are also commonly called ‘carbon offsets’.

For Carbon Credit Project Developer Categories

Projects will be assessed for their quality, impact and methodology and will judged against comparable project types.

Please provide the following information:

  • A list of all your available carbon credit projects and the cost per tonne CO2 equivalent
  • Details of your project such as methodologies, pricing, additionality, leakage and measurability
  • Information on how your projects are monitored for their impact as well as reporting and accounting performance
  • Project documentation relating to 3rd party verification and current standards
  • All related marketing material and latest annual report

For Other Categories

Please ensure your submission includes information on:

  • For research and ratings, please provide three examples of your work to support your entry. All samples submitted must have been originally published since 1 January 2023.
  • For other categories, please provide material to support your nomination, for example marketing literature, presentations and/or reports, links may be provided in the Word / PDF document, or they can be uploaded separately as files.
  • If you have an online service and would like to provide access as part of your entry, or if you would like to share online information, please include login details or links within the Word / PDF document.

The closing date for nominations is Friday 14 June 2024.