Ethos launches climate transition fund

Ethos and BCV have launched a new climate transition fund investing in global equities.

The BCV FUND (LUX) – Ethos Climate ESG Ambition is classified as an Article 9 under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation.

Ethos says the new fund has an investment universe of over 2000 companies and uses a rating system to assess the environmental, social, and governance practices of the invested companies before they can be selected by BCV’s fund managers. BCV’s asset management team then identifies the best opportunities through qualitative, fundamental, and behavioural analyses. This approach selects companies with the right risk/return profile in constructing a portfolio made up of around 50 companies.

Vincent Kaufmann, CEO of Ethos, said, “We are very pleased to launch this new fund, which will give investors a vector for boosting the ecological transition and combating climate change. This fund is based on our Positive Impact Methodology. Only around 100 of the 2,000 companies in the initial investment universe made it through our analysis process. These companies demonstrate a high level of climate ambition and are the only ones that can be selected for the fund portfolio.”

Eric Chassot, CIO for Equities and a fund manager at BCV, said, “This new fund gives private and institutional investors a chance to tap into growth opportunities among companies serving markets around the world whose products and services make a direct or indirect contribution to the ecological transition and to combating climate change.”