Amundi publishes 2023 engagement report

Amundi has published its latest Engagement Report which provides statistics and outcomes on all its engagement themes in 2023.

The report highlights the firm’s 5 themes of engagement: transition towards a low carbon economy, natural capital preservation, human capital and human rights, client protection and social safeguards, and strong governance for sustainable development.

Its 2023 engagement statistics are:

• Number of unique issuers engaged increased to reach 2 531 (+20% increase vs. 2022)

• Issuers were engaged across all geographies with a significant progression in Emerging Markets (+32%) and North America (+39%)

• Engagement covered a significant portion of financial indices’ capitalization:
o For equities 87% of the MSCI World and 72% of the MSCI EM
o For corporate debts 80% of Bloomberg Global Aggregate Corporate and 59% of JP Morgan CEMBI Broad Diversified

• 1471 issuers were engaged on climate, 618 on Natural Capital Preservation and 795 on Human Capital & Rights

• Over 40% of engagements closed in 2023 had a positive outcome

Caroline Le Meaux, Global Head of ESG Research, Engagement and Voting at Amundi, said, “As an investor, we consider that our responsibility is not only to assess the ESG quality of the issuers, their sustainability risks or their impacts on sustainability factors, it is also to actively asking them to better manage those risks as well as to get exposed to new growth drivers. We believe that actively dialoguing with our investees will drive positive outcomes having in mind that the major transformation of our economies can only occur if it is performed across all sectors and activities, in an organized manner between governments, customers, companies and financial markets.”