Mirova in sustainable agriculture partnership

Mirova and the Rainforest Alliance have announced a partnership to promote regenerative agriculture and sustainable land management.

The agreement will involve implementing impact investing initiatives across Africa, Latin America, and Asia and will use Rainforest Alliance certification to enhance nature-based financing. It will help facilitate the process of identifying investment opportunities for promoting solutions such as regenerative agriculture and agroforestry. This includes soil health, carbon sequestration, water retention, promoting biodiversity and providing extra income for farmers.

Santiago Gowland, CEO of the Rainforest Alliance, said, “We need partnerships like this to accelerate the shift of agriculture and forestry to net-positive at a meaningful speed and scale. By connecting impact investors like Mirova with the Rainforest Alliance’s proven on-the-ground impact, we can mobilize private capital for a just, regenerative transition. Together, we can help address the green finance gap and provide farmers with the capital they need to adopt more sustainable and regenerative practices, enabling both them and the land to thrive.”

Anne-Laurence Roucher, Deputy CEO and Head of Private Equity and Natural Capital of Mirova, said, “Mirova and the Rainforest Alliance share a common vision: to accelerate the transition from nature-dependent economic value chains to a more sustainable model which improves the incomes and rights of local communities, it is essential to foster collective intelligence and collaboration among all stakeholders. This partnership will allow more developers of nature-positive projects to access high-quality certification and funding to grow their business.”