Wheaton publishes 2023 sustainability report

Wheaton Precious Metals has published its 2023 sustainability report.

The report highlights Wheaton’s performance in environmental, social and governance topics and includes progress updates on Wheaton’s ESG strategy, targets and commitments.

Randy Smallwood, Wheaton’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our 2023 Sustainability Report outlines Wheaton’s commitment to embed ESG considerations in our decision-making processes and business operations, by upholding industry-leading best practices and focusing on investing in communities to drive positive outcomes. The mining industry is critical to a low-carbon future and socio-economic development, and our precious metals streaming business model plays an integral role by providing capital to companies who demonstrate responsible mining practices. At Wheaton, we remain committed to enhancing the sustainability of our industry with a focus on creating lasting value for all stakeholders.”

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