Semantic Visions launches ESG index

Semantic Visions has announced the launch of an ESG index designed to provide an evaluation of a company’s sustainability efforts through media data.

The Semantic Visions ESG Index (SV ESG Index) uses analytics over 1.1 million news articles daily across 220,000 domains in 12 languages to generate real-time insights into companies’ efforts towards sustainability and social responsibility.

The data is designed so companies can maintain and improve their ESG standards which includes aligning with ESG regulations, managing their environmental, social, and governance impacts effectively, and demonstrating their commitment to sustainable practices to stakeholders. It will also enable companies to monitor their supply chain vendors and suppliers from an ESG perspective.

The index can also be used to enhance non-financial reports, such as SEC Climate-Related Disclosures or EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting and Due Diligence Directives.

Semantic Visions has published a white paper detailing the methodology of the index.

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