Matter launches nature metrics tool

Matter has launched a data tool that gives investors insights into the nature-related exposures in their portfolios.

The tool provides insights on 32 issues related to nature impacts to help investors identify potential risks when investing in natural capital. It enables investors to quantify the degree to which their portfolios are exposed to a range of nature-related criteria by analysing the revenue streams from a company’s products and services.

Key features include layered analysis capabilities from asset to portfolio level, and access to granular insights based on transparent, rule-based methodologies that are aligned with reporting requirements.

Lise Pretorius, Chief Sustainability Analysis Officer at Matter said, “The decline in biodiversity and degradation of natural capital is extremely concerning, and historically a very complex area to report on. The launch of our new solution will help investors and businesses currently facing increasing pressure to consider nature as part of their investment strategies.

This is no longer voluntary, but must be considered as a core, strategic risk management issue. Regulatory developments – such as TNFD – will certainly help, but as the cost of compliance increases, the time to act is now. The answer is transparent data that can provide extremely granular insights into a specific company’s nature-related activity. This in turn helps investors better assess the risks when it comes to a company’s involvement with natural capital.”