R&M adds sustainable opportunities fund

River and Mercantile has announced the launch of the R&M Global Sustainable Opportunities Fund.

The fund is one of the strategies within R&M’s new range of sustainable equity funds, backed by Quilter Investors. It is focused on ‘under-appreciated’ opportunities created by the sustainable transition which R&M believes are likely to see a better cycle than they have over the last decade. These companies with such characteristics are classed as ‘improvers’ and enablers’. The SFDR Article 8 compliant fund will be managed by William Lough.

William Lough comments: “Our philosophy is resolutely forward-looking, seeking the future winners from emerging ESG leaders, companies driving significant improvements in their own sustainability credentials, and the companies whose products or services enable that improvement. This fund will make a real-world difference, offers attractive diversification benefits for clients, and taps into return drivers which have a long shelf-life. Combined with the opportunity to drive change through engagement, this is truly active value investing for the 21st century.”