UBP releases 2021 impact report

Union Bancaire Privée has released its annual impact report which includes details of the bank’s impact equity strategies over the past 12 months.

UBP also outlines its engagement process, including failures of engagement and subsequent divestment from respective positions.
The three funds included in the report are:

• UBAM – Positive Impact Equity Fund (4.5-year track record)
• UBAM – Positive Impact Emerging Equity Fund (2-year track record)
• UBAM – Biodiversity Restoration Fund (6-month track record)

Some key data-points of the report include:
• UBP’s Positive Impact Emerging Equity fund displays a 0.0% exposure to fossil fuels, compared to the MSCI EM Index at 6.6%.
• UBP’s Positive Impact Equity fund holdings have a 2.2x lower emission intensity than the MSCI ACWI Index.
• As at 31 December 2021, UBAM – Positive Impact Equity had a carbon footprint 36% below that of its benchmark and the emerging market fund’s was 46% below its benchmark.

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