River & Mercantile launch ESG equity funds

River and Mercantile has announced that it is launching two new sustainable equity funds.

The funds, the R&M European Change for Better Fund (SFDR Article 9 compliant) will be managed by James Sym, and the R&M Global Sustainable Opportunities Fund (Article 8 compliant) will be managed by William Lough. Both strategies will follow R&M’s Sustainable-PVT (S-PVT) investment process which incorporates sustainability into the team’s Potential, Valuation and Timing strategy.

Leading UK multi-asset investment provider, Quilter Investors, has committed seed capital, via its Cirilium Active portfolios.

James Sym, Head of Equities at River and Mercantile says: “We want 2022 to be remembered as the year that the asset management industry started doing ESG properly. We will be investing in companies which we expect to make a big improvement in their carbon footprint, as well as those companies which enable this improvement for others. This fits well with our contrarian and valuation-orientated mindset. We are looking to buy tomorrow’s ESG stars at yesterday’s valuations.”