Engine No. 1 launches transform climate ETF

Engine No 1 has announced the launch of its Transform Climate ETF.

The firm’s first thematic ETF invest in companies that benefit from the energy transition and is focused on holding companies that have a strategy to create value on their path to net zero across multiple industries, including transportation, energy, and agriculture.

“While most climate-focused funds avoid so-called ‘brown’ legacy companies, we believe there is no way to decarbonize the planet without these companies transforming, and there is no time to lose,” said Chris James, Founder of Engine No. 1. “Fewer than 200 companies account for more than 80% of corporate industrial greenhouse gas emissions.1 There is no path to net zero that doesn’t go directly through those companies. Solving climate change requires the largest investment in capital that the world has ever seen, giving investors the opportunity to play a meaningful and profitable role in transforming companies while also greening the planet.”