An inside view of ESG practices

Hoa Briscoe-Tran, PhD student at Ohio State University, discusses a new method for getting the inside view on corporate ESG practices, based on an analysis of 10 million employee reviews on, a career intelligence site.

The results show that the inside view is uncorrelated with ESG ratings and that corporates tend not to “walk-the-talk” when it comes to their ESG policies. Moreover, Briscoe-Tran shows how the inside view can be used to predict a firm’s future misconduct, accounting issues, shareholder activism and downside risk, as well as its valuation, sales growth and its likelihood of being in Fortune’s 100 Best Companies.

Finally, Briscoe-Tran investigates how informative the inside view is in predicting a firm’s future ESG performance indicators, and finds that the inside view performs better than ESG ratings for the “S” and “G”, though not for the “E”.



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