GaiaLens launches ESG scoring platform

GaiaLens has launched the ESG Scoring Analytics Platform for portfolios and global stocks.

GaiaLens says the platform sources and scores unstructured, independent third party data and self-reported data across all key ESG factors. The platform has been designed to help asset owners, asset managers and pension trustees to fill ESG data gaps and test the self-certified ESG claims of publicly-listed businesses.

GaiaLens’ own research found less than 10 per cent of public companies are currently providing key Social and Governance data needed for ESG disclosure including providing statistics on gender and ethnic diversity representation on their boards of directors. GaiaLens says it has ESG-relevant data for approximately 16,000 public companies and that all data is compiled, measured for consistency and transparency and scored in real-time equally across the E, S and G pillars.

Gordon Tveito-Duncan, co-founder and head of ESG Technology at GaiaLens, says, “As we get closer to EU Taxonomy deadline for reporting there will be a growing realisation that asset owners, asset managers and pension trustees do not have all the information they need to accurately assess firms’ ESG performance. As well as asking these firms to supply key ESG data they may also want to strengthen their scrutiny by accessing verifiable third party data.”