Trium launches think tank for ESG

Trium Sustainable Innovators have launched the Leonie & Norman Institute, a new think tank focused on advocating ESG best practice within the asset management industry.

The think tank focuses on both identifying best practices among companies that exhibit high standards in the application of ESG criteria and engaging with other corporates to share these leading-edge approaches. Trium says it will work to raise company-specific concerns to management teams and make recommendations for the broader asset management industry. Based in London, the think tank will run a range of campaigns on specific ESG themes, with a particular focus on climate change, social issues and executive compensation.

Raphael Pitoun, portfolio manager of the Trium Sustainable Innovators Funds, says:

“Meaningful engagement from asset managers is absolutely vital to drive effective long-term corporate change. However, there is currently a wide range of approaches to engagement with little consistency across the sector. This is despite growing pressure from governments to position the financial sector at the heart of progress on climate change and other major ESG-related issues.

“We believe the Leonie & Norman Institute will play an important role in driving the change that is needed to improve the quality and consistency of engagement with businesses. It is an open ecosystem that will collaborate with a wide range of groups from NGOs and charities to asset managers and corporates. Only by bringing together the collective expertise and experiences of these different groups can we move towards an effective, future-proof approach across industries.”