Sustainalytics launches supply chain product

Sustainalytics has launched its Corporate Supply Chain ESG Solution.

Sustainalytics says the product allows companies to assess the sustainability of their suppliers and partners. Supply chains can be rated using the same methodology as the companies in Sustainalytics’ ESG ratings allowing users to assess all tiers of companies’ supply chains.

The ESG ratings and data that underpin Sustainalytics’ Corporate Supply Chain ESG Solutions are delivered through the firm’s ESG Assessment Platform, which also offers the capability to compare suppliers against top-rated companies and regions.

“Executives are asking procurement leaders to assess the ESG risks of their suppliers and partners to limit exposure and comply with increasing regulation in supply chain operations,” says Francesca Placa, manager of corporate solutions at Sustainalytics. “By providing an absolute measure for how well companies are managing their ESG risk exposure, Sustainalytics is well-positioned to help clients determine which suppliers require the most in-depth evaluation of ESG issues that may pose financially material risks.”