Arabesque launches AI ESG portfolio manager

Arabesque has launched Autonomous Asset Management for AI generated sustainable investment strategies.

Arabesque says AutoCIO enables asset managers and investors to configure and build customised active strategies and generate millions of active equity strategies. The service is powered by Arabesque’s proprietary AI Engine which identifies and analyses patterns in data to discover relationships that can be translated investment strategies.

With over $400 million currently powered by Arabesque’s AutoCIO, the platform offers a  web app that can generate bespoke strategies, with AI used to forecast stock performance across 25,000 equities daily.

Dr Yasin Rosowsky, CEO of Arabesque AI, said:“Asset managers today increasingly need to personalise products and services at scale to focus on customised strategies that incorporate investors’ sustainability objectives and values. We use the power of AI to build systems capable of handling the complexity of financial data and enable scalable investment process design for a wide variety of use cases in an efficient and cost-effective way. This is not a robo or passive investment solution, but fully active asset management, powered by AI.