Denham launches new infrastructure platform

Aflac Global Investments has invested $2 billion in Denham Capital’s new sustainable infrastructure debt platform.

The platform will invest in senior debt of sustainable infrastructure projects with Aflac holding a non-controlling 24.9% minority equity interest in Denham Sustainable Infrastructure. Aflac has also committed $100 million toward Denham’s second equity fund to support the acquisition, enhancement and development of sustainable infrastructure assets.

Denham says a all investments are assessed against their screening and ESG scoring methodology, ensuring investments support climate change mitigation, natural resource conservation, pollution prevention and control, and digital connectivity.

Eric M. Kirsch, Aflac Incorporated executive vice president, global chief investment officer and president of Aflac Global Investments, said: “Part of Aflac Global Investments’ long-term growth strategy is to identify and partner with successful thirdparty managers like Denham, which has a track record and is a leading asset manager of infrastructure assets. The nature of these asset classes will enable us to capture higher yields while providing enhanced credit protection, adding value to our portfolio and to our stakeholders, while advancing our ESG priorities. In addition, our equity stake enables Aflac to participate in the expected growth of an attractive asset management partner in a growing asset class while broadening our sustainability exposure and commitments.”