Eurasian Resources sets up ESG committee

Mining group Eurasian Resources has announced the setting up of an ESG committee.

Eurasian Resources say the committee aims to incorporate sustainability practices into the Group’s strategy and decision-making processes. It will also serve as the principal decision-making body in relation to the Group’s ESG policies and be responsible for ESG goal setting and reporting, and the development of ESG-related competencies within the Group.

Dr Alexander Machkevitch, Chairman of the Board of Directors at ERG, commented, “ESG has been a focus for the Group for many years, and we are proud of the progress ERG has made in managing and evaluating corporate responsibility which is at the core of the Group’s mission. The Committee will not only support our existing environmental, social and governance efforts, but will also guide our investment into new environmental technologies and innovative projects across the regions of the Group’s presence.”