New macro ESG fund manager launches

LIOR Global Partners, a new discretionary global macro asset manager focused on ESG and sustainability, has opened for business.

Founded by Jeremy Touboul, and ex CEO of State Street France Raphaël Remond, the UK-based company will aim to provide investors with absolute returns based on ESG integration. The global macro fund will invest in FX, credit, equities, and sovereign bonds.

LIOR will apply a top-down investment process which aims to identify directional, relative value and thematic views across a diverse asset mix globally, taking both long and short positions. ESG data will come from Sustainalytics with exclusions including coal, tobacco, controversial weapons.

Jeremy Touboul, co-founder and CIO, says: “The fundamentals behind global macro are as relevant as ever and we’re excited about launching the business at this time. Not only is there a lack of capacity in the asset class, but we believe there is real demand for an approach that integrates ESG and early investor sentiment has been very positive. Covid created a bigger inflection point in a market that was already witnessing economic and market fragility, and as we look forward global macro has a strong role to play in delivering positive returns with contained volatility. By incorporating ESG into the investment process we can reduce investment risk over time and hopefully lead the way in how global macro can evolve and contribute towards positive change over the coming years”.