MSCI says ESG in Asia surged in 2020

An MSCI investor survey has found that 79% of investors in Asia-Pacific increased ESG investments in 2020.

The MSCI 2021 Global Institutional Investor survey also found that 57% of investors in the region expect to have “completely” or “to a large extent” incorporated ESG into their investing by the end of 2021. Around 79% of investors increased ESG investments “significantly” or “moderately” in response to Covid-19.

“Once an issue for ‘green funds’ and side-pockets, ESG and climate are now firmly established as high priority issues,” Baer Pettit, MSCI president and chief operating officer, said in the report. “2020 marked a profound shift in the way institutions invest as many investors have recognized that many companies with strong environmental, social and governance practices outperformed during the pandemic.”