FactSet launches Truvalue Labs SDG monitor

FactSet has announced launched the Truvalue Labs SDG Monitor.

The service is designed to help investors view the alignment of corporations around the globe to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in real time and review how this alignment differs in emphasis across regions. It uses a dataset from more than 100,000 information sources in 13 languages, such as news, NGO reports, industry publications, trade journals and social media, and now covers more than 21,000 companies worldwide. The Monitor itself is free to use and is organized by country and/or region, allowing investors and investment professionals to see how companies in aggregate compare across regions in their alignment to the SDGs.

“FactSet is filling a significant data gap,” said Adam Salvatori, Global Head of ESG Client Solutions and Research at FactSet. “Our research and analysis are helping to lead the way by focusing on a more holistic external stakeholder assessment of ESG impact. The Truvalue Labs SDG Monitor is one major step on that journey.”

The Truvalue Labs SDG Monitor is structured as a public service and is free to all. For more information, visit: https://sdg.factset.com.