Abris Capital commits to net zero by 2025

Abris Capital Partners has launched ESG Universe 2023, a program of initiatives that commits the firm to achieving a carbon neutral portfolio by 2025.

The strategy encompasses 17 initiatives across governance and culture, standards, education, and carbon neutrality by 2025, and puts in place net-zero action plans for each individual portfolio company. Abris says its commitment to carbon neutrality involves the measurement of the carbon footprint of all companies in its portfolio, followed by the creation of emissions reduction plans and offset initiatives, enabling the portfolio to reach neutrality in 2025.

Paweł Gierynski, Managing Partner at Abris Capital, commented:
“Over recent years, Abris has made responsible investing a central organizational focus. As a firm, we know what our investors are asking of us in this area. However, we don’t just want to meet these expectations – we aim to far exceed them. We want to set new standards in private equity for sustainable investing, governance and environmental and societal impact, and lead the drive towards greater sustainability and carbon neutrality. This is a very difficult, pioneering task, but its attainment will determine the real winners and losers in the future.”