S&P Global makes 9200 ESG scores free

S&P Global has made its ESG scores of 9200 companies publicly available.

Users can now search ESG scores that are a performance-based score ranging from 0-100 and include “E,” “S” and “G” dimension scores, peer comparisons, historical changes, and material ESG criteria data by industry. The score is informed by over 1,000 data points collected from both public sources and data provided directly by companies through the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA).

Martina Cheung, Head of ESG at S&P Global and President of S&P Global Market Intelligence said: “With increasing interest in ESG, reporting standards are evolving and market participants across every industry are looking to measure and manage ESG risks and opportunities. As one of the world’s most trusted data and analytics providers, S&P Global is committed to providing more transparent and comparable insights on ESG performance. The launch of publicly available S&P Global ESG Scores on over 9,000 companies, backed by the legacy of the CSA, will help increase dialogue and enable actionable decisions for all market participants.”