Refinitiv adds news & social media ESG tool

Refinitiv has announced the launch of MarketPsych ESG Analytics, an analytics tool providing ESG insights based on news and social media monitoring.

Refinitiv and MarketPsych have partnered to create ESG analytics which offers an external perspective on a company or country’s sustainability by processing millions of global articles and social media posts in near real-time.

The software underlying the Refinitiv MarketPsych ESG Analytics is an  AI-based natural language processing engine, which locates, filters and scores ESG-themed content pertaining to specific companies as well as cities, regions and countries from tens of millions of authors in thousands of global resources – over 2 million credible articles and posts every day in a dozen languages. The NLP engine excludes corporate press releases, corporate websites and regulatory filings in order to maintain the outsider perspective of third-party media and minimize the impact of corporate “greenwashing.”

In this ESG data feed, scores on over 100 ESG themes and controversies are published in minutely, hourly, and daily updates. The data covers 30,000+ companies and 252 countries and territories. The data history extends back to 1998, and companies were added point-in-time to facilitate quantitative research and minimize survivorship bias. Scores are published on key ESG themes such as intellectual property violations, management scandals and ESG policy failures.