TD commits to net-zero emissions by 2050

TD Bank Group has announced a commitment to target net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

A key aspect of TD’s climate action plan is a focus on data measurement and analytics. TD intends to use an industry-specific approach to prioritize and advance GHG reduction opportunities in each sector. TD has also joined the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials (PCAF) to support the development of carbon accounting methodologies for financial institutions globally. The Bank will report on its progress starting with 2021.

“Climate change is a critical environmental and business challenge and will require significant effort over the long term to help economies transition successfully to the low-carbon future,” said Bharat Masrani, Group President and CEO, TD Bank Group. “TD’s climate action plan builds on a long history of environmental leadership and positions the Bank as a central player in the work needed to enable sustainable growth for our customers and clients, the communities we serve and the economies we support.”