Safra Sarasin launches SDG sustainable fund

Bank J. Safra Sarasin has launched a new sustainable equities fund that supports the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

The new JSS Sustainable Equity – SDG Opportunities fund invests globally in high-quality companies with strong sustainability practices and creates solutions that contribute to the SDGs. The the fund relies on the bank’s proprietary “SDG Engine”, which was developed to identify a company’s revenues that positively contribute towards achieving the SDGs.

Jann Breitenmoser, CIIA, Portfolio Manager of the JSS Sustainable Equity – SDG Opportunities fund, said: “We believe that generating positive outcomes aligned with the SDGs and capturing attractive long-term returns go hand in hand. Besides identifying sustainable companies with strong competitive positions that create economic moats, we will focus on balancing this strategy between well-established mid- & large-caps and promising small niche players. We see this offering as a next step in sustainable investing, providing investors access to a solution that is as close to impact investing as one can get within public equities.”