Finance Earth launched seas impact fund

Finance Earth has launched the first UK seas impact fund.

The Blue Impact Fund is designed to support innovation and growth in the UK sustainable blue economy focusing on ocean recovery and resilience. The fund will seek to invest in sustainable, low-carbon efficient seafood production, including marine and land-based aquaculture.

The Blue Impact Fund will be run by Finance Earth, formerly Environmental Finance and has been formed in collaboration with the WWF and Sky Ocean Rescue. The WWF will sit on the Fund’s investment committee, providing advice to support evaluation and monitoring of the fund’s impact. The Blue Impact Fund has an estimated value of £90 million.

Jamie Mansfield is co-founder and Managing Director of Finance Earth,
“We need scalable investment models that help restore our ocean, and I’m delighted that after two years of partnership with WWF and Sky Ocean Rescue, and engagement with fantastic British businesses, we’re now launching the Blue Impact Fund. This is an investment opportunity that will deliver financial returns, impact and innovation- creating sustainable jobs and supporting ocean recovery.”