Credit Suisse partners on impact platform

Credit Suisse and The Conduit Connect have announced a partnership, with Linklaters and Deloitte, on an impact investment platform.

The platform established by The Conduit Connect, a London-based club focused on driving positive social change, allows the club’s members and Credit Suisse clients to access impact investment opportunities.

The partnership aims to broaden the Conduit Connect offering, which currently matches early-stage investment opportunities with potential investors, mentors and board members. The Conduit Connect platform sources impact-based companies that currently originate within the club’s community.

Linklaters advised on an enhanced onboarding process for companies, entrepreneurs and investors as well as providing support through the legal advice to The Conduit Connect partnership. Deloitte has collaborated with the Conduit Connect to build a robust Impact Framework, and will share its expertise in accounting and professional services.