Antero publishes 2019 sustainability report

US natural gas producer Antero Resources Corporation has published its 2019 Corporate Sustainability Report.

Report Highlights:

Environmental Leadership

  • Reduced GHG intensity by 39% between 2016 and 2019, to one of the lowest levels in the industry
  • Methane leak loss rate in 2019 was 0.046%, compared to the ONE Future industry and sector targets of 1.00% and 0.280%, respectively
  • 88% of total produced and flowback water generated was reused and 41% of total water used was recycled and reused water, year to date 2020

Safety Culture and Outstanding Results

  • 6 straight years without an employee Lost Time Incident
  • Lost Time Incident Rate of 0.026 and Total Recordable Incident Rate of 0.285 in 2019 are some of the lowest in the industry
  • 7,556 employee safety training hours in 2019

Strong Governance and Gender Diversity

  • 67% of the Board of Directors is independent
  • Established Environmental, Sustainability and Social Governance (ESG) Committee of Board of Directors in 2020
  • 33% of Independent Directors and 22% of senior leadership including multiple department heads are female

Community Engagement

  • Established The Antero Foundation
  • $570,000 contributed to community and civic organizations in 2019
  • 3,200 employee hours volunteered in 2019

2025 Environmental Goals:

  • 50% reduction in methane leak loss rate to under 0.025%
  • 10% reduction in GHG intensity
  • Endeavor to achieve net zero carbon emissions through operational improvements and carbon offsets
  • Align with TCFD and SASB guidelines in the meantime

Paul Rady, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Antero Resources commented, “Our outstanding ESG performance exemplifies our unwavering and long-standing commitment to make every effort to do the right thing, take accountability for our actions and maintain our position as a world-class sustainable energy producer, partner and employer of choice. We are dedicated to adapting and leading, and operating ethically and responsibly. This commitment is evident in our performance and culture as we proactively care for our employees, contractors, community and the environment.”

Glen Warren, CFO and President of Antero Resources said, “Natural gas is key to the energy transition and our ability to address the risks associated with climate change. As the lightest and least greenhouse gas (GHG) intensive hydrocarbon, natural gas is just as important as wind and solar in the energy mix that allows the U.S. and the globe to transition to a lower carbon future. Natural gas is a transition fuel and part of the solution. Investors, creditors, the communities in which we operate, and employees can be stakeholders in a hydrocarbon business that is natural gas focused while at the same time meeting high ESG standards.”

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