iShares issue 8 new ESG ETFs

iShares has launched a range of 8 new ESG ETFs including the first ESG asset allocation funds.

The Blackrock iShares ESG Aware Asset Allocation ETFs include the Conservative, Moderate, Growth and Aggressive funds which track the investment results of an index composed of a portfolio of underlying equity and fixed income funds with positive ESG characteristics. Each index provides a fixed allocation strategy intended to represent a conservative, moderate, growth or aggressive risk profile for investors.

The four iShares ESG Advanced MSCI ETFs provide exposure to indices comprised of companies with higher ESG scores while also applying extensive screens related to controversial activities, for example fossil fuels,palm oil, for-profit prisons, and controversial weapons.
Two of these ETFs offering exposure to US and developed markets equities listed on June 18, while the total USD bond market ETF is expected to launch later in June and the emerging markets equity ETF is expected to launch in September.