Microsoft most popular stock for ESG funds

Microsoft is the most popular stock among ESG funds in the US according to a Forbes report.

According to report author, Brendan Coffey, US mutual fund and ETF data shows there are 148 ESG funds with $91.1 billion in assets. Among these, $75.8 billion is invested in equities and $15.3 billion in fixed income. Of these funds, 29 hold more than 80% of ESG equity assets which are heavily dominated by blue chip stocks. More than 3% of all equity fund assets are invested in Microsoft:

The top 10 stocks and ESG fund holdings:

Microsoft $2277mn
Walt Disney $895mn
Alphabet $890mn
Danaher Group $862mn
Mastercard $841mn
Verisk Analytics $738mn
Linde $592mn
American Express $576mn
Costco Wholesale $572mn