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The ESG and Sustainability News Platform


ESG Wire is the media platform for listed companies, funds and vendors to publish their ESG and sustainability news.

The platform enables investor relations, media and marketing professionals to upload, manage, and distribute their ESG and sustainability news such as press releases, sustainability reports and fund & product news. As a result, investors and end-users are provided with your very latest company ESG and sustainability news that is most relevant to them and their decision making.

ESG Wire is part of ESG Investing, Europe’s leading media company for sustainability news, events and awards for the financial markets.

Listed Companies

The platform provides enhanced ESG disclosure and reporting directly to institutional investors, fund managers and analysts as part of your company’s sustainability communication strategy. By enabling your company to better manage and control the distribution of its ESG information, ESG Wire gives your company the opportunity to maximise the value of its sustainability policies, raise its ESG profile and reach a wider audience.

As well as publishing periodic sustainability, CSR, corporate governance reports and GRI indices, you can also publish news and reports on specific ESG themes.

Funds and Vendors

The platform provides media, marketing and public relations professionals with effective distribution of fund and vendor news directly to institutional investors, buy-side firms and other end-users. This gives your company the ability to promote its ESG products and services whilst at the same time increasing the visibility of your brand within the financial markets.

ESG Wire can be used to publish press releases on new funds and new products such as ESG indices, ETFs and ratings.