Seviora launches food and farming fund

Seviora Holdings has partnered with Temasek to invest in agri-food companies in the APAC region via Seviora Capital’s Future of Food and Farming fund.

Seviora says the fund invests in high-growth agri-food companies in the Asia Pacific region that provide sustainable solutions and technologies to meet the challenges posed by massive demographic changes and fast-evolving consumer needs. As the investment manager of the fund, Seviora Capital will build a portfolio of investments from opportunities identified by Temasek based on macro trends shaping the APAC agri-food sector. Seviora says the APAC agri-food sector is a significant contributor to global emissions, accounting for up to 50% of total emissions.

Jimmy Phoon, CEO at Seviora and Seviora Capital sais, “The Seviora T3F Strategy is a unique investment avenue to gain exposure and benefit from the transformation and high-growth in the Agri-Food sector in the APAC region,”  “Seviora is excited to jointly invest with Temasek, a globally recognised leader in the Agri-Food sector, to capture the potential of this industry. We will be able to access a strong pipeline of investment opportunities through leveraging Temasek’s extensive network and ecosystem, as well as their experience and success in this space.”