Partners Cap: ’24 sustainable investing report

Partners Capital has published its 2024 Sustainable Investing Report.

The key highlights of the report are:

2023 Asset Manager ESG Integration Survey: 190 responding managers and a response rate of more than 98%. The results show a positive trend in overall ESG integration approaches amongst the firm’s asset managers.

Asset Manager Engagements: Engagement with 40 managers comprising c. $14B of overall AUM over the course of 2023. In these engagements, the firm addressed gaps in the managers’ ESG integration approaches using peer-to-peer comparisons to constructively help the managers improve their processes over time.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI): The firm continued to focus efforts on three firm-wide objectives of ‘culture’, ‘talent’ and ‘leadership’. At the investment level, it approved 14 diverse funds / co-investments in 2023.

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