Calvert launches three new ESG funds

Calvert Research and Management, part of Morgan Stanley Investment Management, has launched three new ESG funds.

The new funds are the MS INVF Calvert Global Equity Fund, the MS INVF Calvert Global High Yield Bond Fund and the MS INVF Calvert US Equity Fund. The new funds are all classified as Article 8 under SFDR.

About the Strategies:

• The Calvert Global Equity Fund invests in companies exhibiting financially material ESG characteristics and demonstrating sustainable business models.

• The Calvert Global High Yield Bond Fund invests primarily in global high-yield corporate bonds, issued by companies exhibiting financially material ESG characteristics.

• The Calvert US Equity Fund invests in high quality companies that exhibit strong management of ESG characteristics.

Chris Dyer, Co-Head of Eaton Vance Equity at MSIM, says, “I am excited to launch the Calvert Global Equity Fund, which offers investors a unique opportunity to access a concentrated and balanced portfolio of companies which reflect Calvert’s principles for responsible investment: a focus on environmental sustainability and resource efficiency; equitable societies and respect for human rights; and accountable governance with transparent operations. The companies in our portfolio embody sustainable business models with the propensity to compound value for shareholders and deliver attractive sustainable returns over the long-term.”

Jeff Mueller, Co-Head of Fixed Income at MSIM, says, “It’s my pleasure to introduce our latest fund offering, the Calvert Global High Yield Bond Fund. Investing only in issuers that meet Calvert’s Principles of Responsible Investment, the Fund integrates a principles-based ESG materiality assessment and targets a lower carbon intensity than the benchmark. By maintaining a minimum of 30% of its NAV in sustainable investments, the High Yield Bond Fund demonstrates our continued commitment to delivering robust returns while championing environmental and social responsibility.”

Joe Hudepohl, Lead Portfolio Manager on the Calvert US Equity Fund, says, “We are very pleased to offer this new fund to our European clients. We believe companies with a demonstrated history of consistent growth and stability in earnings provide attractive returns with moderate risk over the long-term. Through our active, bottom-up fundamental investment approach, our team seeks to construct a conviction-weighted portfolio of quality, sustainable, growth companies trading at or below intrinsic value.”