Redwheel adds sustainable thematic funds

Redwheel has launched new sustainable and thematic funds covering biodiversity, life changing treatments and clean economy.

The new funds are the Redwheel Biodiversity Fund, the Redwheel Life Changing Treatments Fund and the Redwheel Clean Economy Fund.

Amanda O’Toole is leading both the Redwheel Biodiversity Fund and the Redwheel Clean Economy Fund supported by Sebastien Bidault, Co-Portfolio Manager.

O’Toole says, “Climate change demands urgent, collective action across the public and private sectors. Innovation to address biodiversity loss and to support the energy transition create significant opportunity for investors and these funds mobilise capital towards the companies driving measurable emissions reductions and protection to our ecosystems.”

Peter Hughes heads up the Redwheel Life Changing Treatments Fund. He says, “There is an increasing burden on patients from factors including rising prevalence of chronic diseases and demographic trends. Our fund provides a vehicle for investors to participate in, and potentially benefit from, companies at the forefront of meeting these challenges to extend lives and enhance wellbeing”.