DWS adds biodiversity Xtrackers ETFs

DWS has launched new ETFs that track ISS STOXX Biodiversity indices.

The new ETFs are:

ISS STOXX® Developed World Biodiversity Focus SRI
ISS STOXX® Europe 600 Biodiversity Focus SRI
ISS STOXX® US Biodiversity Focus SRI

The indices exclude companies involved in activities causing harm to biodiversity, select those with a less negative impact on ecosystems compared to peers, and those supporting relevant UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They also reduce the portfolio’s carbon emissions.

Olivier Souliac, Head Indexing Xtrackers Products at DWS, says, “With the Xtrackers Biodiversity ETFs, investors can transparently reduce the risks associated with the decline in biodiversity for their broadly diversified equity investments. This is an important addition to our range of sustainability-oriented investments.”