BlueOrchard adds impact credit fund

BlueOrchard has launched a new impact credit fund that looks to invest in megatrends in emerging markets.

BlueOrchard says the fund is a multi-credit portfolio that looks to contribute to social inclusion and reduced inequalities by capturing three megatrends in emerging markets: demographics, digitalisation, and decarbonisation. The BlueOrchard Impact Credit Fund focuses on investing in smaller financial institutions in a sectors such as SME lending, digital payment solutions, renewable energy, and energy efficiency.

As an SFDR Article 9 fund, BlueOrchard says the fund addresses critical global challenges and contributes to sustainable development. The fund’s focus on demographics, digitalisation, and decarbonisation aligns with the growing demand for financial services, the increasing adoption of digital banking, and the substantial opportunities in green finance.

Philipp Mueller, CEO at BlueOrchard, says, “We see three megatrends shaping fast-growing emerging markets today: demographics, digitalisation and decarbonisation. These developments are accompanied by significant capital needs and investment opportunities, which our regional teams are seeing first-hand. We are excited to have launched an investment strategy that captures these opportunities, fills a gap in terms of both funding and impact, and complements our investment platform.”