Novelis publishes 2023 sustainability report

Novelis has issued its sustainability report for 2023 outlining the company’s progress toward its sustainability goals.

The company reported progress toward its goal to reduce absolute carbon emissions by 30% by 2026 with a 14% reduction in FY23 including scopes 1, 2 & 3. In its 2023 fiscal year, the company achieved 61% recycled content across product lines globally and recycled 2.3 million tonnes of aluminum, including more than 82 billion used beverage cans.

Steve Fisher, President and Chief Executive Officer, Novelis says, “I am very proud of our achievements this year, particularly our emissions reduction and recycled content numbers. We believe that maximizing aluminum’s circularity is the most effective way to decarbonize, and Novelis is leading the industry on that front by expanding closed-loop recycling partnerships with customers, investing in additional recycling capacity, and creating new alloys and processing methods to increase our use of recycled metal inputs. The success of these and other recycling initiatives help ensure we continue to deliver on our Purpose of Shaping a Sustainable World Together.”

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