Nomura AM ESG equity fund reaches $1.1bn

Nomura Asset Management has announced that its Global Sustainable Equity fund has surpassed $1.119 bn.

The Global Sustainable Equity Fund has delivered a return of 30.42% since inception and is managed by Alex Rowe, lead portfolio manager, and Tom Wildgoose, co-manager and head of global equity investment.

The strategy combines NAM’s “total stakeholder impact philosophy” and “quality at a discount valuation” investment process. The focus is on having a positive impact on six UN SDG aligned impact goals:

• Mitigate Climate Change
• Mitigate Natural Capital Depletion
• Eliminate Communicable Disease
• Mitigate the Obesity Epidemic
• Global Access to Basic Financial Services
• Global Access to Clean Drinking Water

Alex Rowe, lead portfolio manager of the Global Sustainable Equity fund, said: “This is a very important milestone for both our global equities and sustainable equities team. We are greatly appreciative of the huge levels of investor support, and encouraged by the growing interest in sustainable equities, engagement and active global equity investing, despite the current market volatility. We believe the Global Sustainable Equity strategy continues to be a compelling proposition for investors seeking a sustainable approach without being forced to take a bet on ‘Growth’ or compromise on valuation discipline, which protects them against sharp reversals in style performance.”