Stewart Investors adds Indian sustainable fund

Stewart Investors has launched an Indian subcontinent sustainable equity fund.

The fund is a long-term, equity-only fund, investing in companies across the Indian subcontinent that contribute to, and benefit from, sustainable development. It is managed by Sashi Reddy and David Gait.

Stewart Investors say the fund will focus on delivering absolute returns and invest in between 30 to 60 investments at one time, with current top holdings including Mahindra & Mahindra, CG Power and Tube Investments.

Sashi Reddy, Portfolio Manager, Stewart Investors said: “Our investment philosophy strives to identify competent stewards who build and manage growing, resilient franchises. We believe that bottom-up analysis and a focus on fundamental quality and sustainable growth tailwinds is the best way to deliver sound, risk-adjusted, long-term returns. And our experience as regional investors helps us better navigate the risks and opportunities presented to us in a dynamic developmental ecosystem. We remain excited for the strategy’s potential to continue to deliver quality returns for decades to come.”