RBC GAM adds EM ex-China ESG fund

RBC Global Asset Management has launched the RBC Emerging Markets ex-China Equity Fund that includes an ESG integration strategy.

The fund provides US investors with the opportunity to invest in a portfolio of mid-size and large global companies located in emerging market economies, excluding China. RBC GAM’s emerging markets equity team built the investment strategy using a strong research platform with environmental, social and governance integration.

The fund is managed by Philippe Langham, Senior Portfolio Manager and Head of Emerging Markets Equities at RBC Global Asset Management (UK) Limited and supported by a team including portfolio managers Ashna Yarashi-Shah and Veronique Erb.

Philippe Langham says, “Given China’s significant market size and investors’ mixed views on the country’s structural outlook, we are finding an increasing demand from investors looking for an Emerging Markets ex-China solution. RBC Global Asset Management is excited to launch the RBC Emerging Markets ex-China Equity Fund as a specialized solution for investors who want to gain more control over their China exposure while investing in emerging markets.”