Fitch adds ESG ratings for structured bonds

Sustainable Fitch has launched ESG ratings for global labelled structured bonds and covered bonds.

Sustainable Fitch will now offer entity ratings, framework ratings and instrument ratings for covered bonds, and framework and instrument ratings for ABS bonds. They will also provide ratings on labelled structured notes spanning the following sectors: RMBS, CMBS, solar ABS, auto ABS, consumer ABS and utilities ABS.

Mike Simonton, Head of Sustainable Fitch, says: “Sustainable Fitch was launched with a goal of both listening to investors and providing products that offer a comprehensive assessment of ESG fundamentals. The expansion of Sustainable Fitch’s ESG Ratings to global labelled structured bonds and covered bonds meets a critical market demand. Our ESG data and analysis combined with ESG Ratings provide investors with the necessary tools to evaluate ESG impact, outcome and performance at a detailed individual factor level.”