JP Morgan AM adds three thematic ETFs

JP Morgan Asset Management has added three new funds to its suite of thematic active ETFs.

The new funds are the JPMorgan Sustainable Consumption ETF, JPMorgan Social
Advancement ETF & JPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure ETF.

The JPMorgan Sustainable Consumption ETF (CIRC) invests in companies that JPMAM
believes will benefit from growing demand for solutions that help preserve
natural resources, improve resource use, or reduce waste. This includes
companies that facilitate the sustainable use of materials, production and
design technologies, sustainable agriculture and food, such as precision
agriculture technology or sustainable food options, sustainable water systems,
and recycling and reuse. CIRC will be managed by Sandeep Bhargava, Aijaz
Hussain and Polina Diyachkina.

The JPMorgan Social Advancement ETF (UPWD) invests in companies that JPMAM
believes are well-positioned to benefit from growing demand for goods and
services that facilitate economic empowerment of people across all levels of
society and help people and communities survive and thrive. This includes
companies that are facilitating building and delivering essential amenities,
affordable housing and infrastructure, health and wellbeing, education and
training talent, attainable financing, and access to the digital ecosystem.
UPWD will be managed by Raj Tanna, Jennifer Rabowsky and Bilquis Ahmed.

The JPMorgan Sustainable Infrastructure ETF (BLLD) invests in companies that JPMAM
believes are developing solutions to provide sustainable infrastructure to
facilitate a sustainable and inclusive economy. This includes companies that
facilitate electricity, renewables, transport, water, digital, sustainable
logistics, medical, social housing and education infrastructure.
Infrastructure includes not only physical structures such as roads, bridges,
or buildings but also companies providing key social services such as medical
operators, digital connectivity providers, enabling technologies, logistics
and operational processes. BLLD will be managed by Sara Bellenda, Victor Li
and Fred Barasi.