Apex adds impact investing assessment

Apex Group has launched a new impact investing product for private markets.

Apex Group’s Impact Positive Solution provides impact assessments for the private markets enabling investors and companies to demonstrate measurable impacts. Apex says the product identifies material impacts, selects tailored Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”) and assesses impact performance through a 5-step process:

1. A tailored and comprehensive ‘do no significant harm’ assessment and exclusion screening to ensure any impact does not compromise other considerations;
2. Substantial contribution assessment and impact KPI identification to track meaningful, measurable impact data aligned with leading frameworks and methodologies, including the Impact Management Project, SDGs, IRIS+, and regulations such as the EU Taxonomy;
3. Regular data collection with ease and simplicity via Apex ESG’s proprietary online platform with qualitative and quantitative data, tailored to the company to put impact performance into context;
4. Independent data verification and advisory by expert ESG analysts to ensure impact integrity; and
5. In-depth impact reporting of verified KPIs aligned to best-in-class standards and regulations, that can be integrated within ESG and financial reporting for all investor and regulator requests.