KKR releases 2021 sustainability report

KKR has released its 11th annual sustainability report which outlines how the company manages ESG issues across its investment portfolio and global operations.

KKT says the report represents a significant expansion of KKR’s previous ESG-focused disclosures, featuring more detailed and robust reporting on progress and sustainability-related investments and initiatives. Highlights include KKR:

Committing more than $25 billion of equity to climate and environmental sustainability investments since 2010.

Further scaling ESG capabilities in 2021 by tripling the firm’s dedicated team of Sustainable Investing

Developing a proprietary scorecard to assess the ESG characteristics of applicable investments across KKR’s leveraged and private credit portfolios.

Investing in ERM, the largest global pure-play sustainability consultancy, through its Core Private Equity strategy.

Supporting local communities by allocating more than $33 million to more than 150 nonprofits through KKR’s COVID-19 Relief Effort since 2020.

Appointing a new Chief Diversity Officer and Head of Talent and hiring more than 550 new employees in 2021, a record number, over 50% of whom are diverse.

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