Martin Currie releases stewardship report

Martin Currie has released its annual stewardship report detailing its ESG and stewardship activities in 2021.

The report includes:

Proxy Voting and Engagement
The firm voted on 4,727 resolutions across 496 shareholder meetings and 42 markets. It used proxy voting to vote on 422 resolutions against management at 180 meetings. The firm recorded 668 total engagements with 227 companies in 32 different markets.

Commitment to Net Zero
In July 2021, the firm became a signatory to the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative. All of the firm’s European Union-based funds were categorized as Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) Article 8 funds.

Additional Resources Dedicated to Stewardship and ESG
Martin Currie expanded its ESG team and created a new Stewardship and ESG Council, which is responsible for overseeing the firm’s corporate approach to sustainability and steering the firm’s ESG principles, long-term goals and execution.

Improved Diversity
Martin Currie set ambitious diversity targets across its business and implemented improvements in its internal recruitment strategy to address gender balance.
In 2021, 60% of new hires in were female, and gender diversity rose from 16% to 21% on the investment team with increased female representation in distribution and on the executive committee.

Martin Currie’s 2022 stewardship and ESG priorities include:
Martin Currie will focus on supporting the ambitions of the NZAMI, including setting interim targets for 2030 for the assets managed in line with the goal of net zero and implementing a stewardship and engagement strategy with a clear escalation and voting policy. It will also prioritize the achievement of real economy emissions reductions through engagement with companies.

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